A hundred migrant families welcomed at the Paris town hall after their "cry for help" on the forecourt

A hundred migrant families who had settled in the night on the forecourt of the Paris town hall to demand a "dignified" welcome were welcomed on Tuesday, September 1 at the Town Hall after the dismantling of the camp by the police, we learned from corroborating sources.

Shortly before midnight Monday, 219 people mainly from Somalia, Afghanistan and Côte d'Ivoire, including 59 children and fifteen pregnant women, had invested the Town Hall square in the heart of the capital and deployed there in less than five minutes a hundred tents.

Tonight, 107 families in the street took their places in front of the Paris town hall.@ Anne_Hidalgo @IanBrossat It's been 1 month ...https://t.co/dCPMLdvnaU—Utopia_56(@Utopia 56)

Meanwhile, in front of the Paris City Hall: 209 people, 59 children, 17 under 3, 15 pregnant women… https://t.co/wchx64nyrI

These isolated families and women who had until then lived in the streets, often in informal camps on the edge of Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis, "must be housed in a dignified and unconditional manner", asked Maël de Marcellus, Parisian coordinator of the association Utopia56, at the initiative of this action.

Tuesday morning, the Prefecture of Police (PP) of Paris evacuated the installation."There is no question of letting tents set up on the public highway", she commented to AFP, underlining the “systematic” evacuation of this type of camp in the capital, now.According to the PP, “rehousing solutions” have been found for these people, which the mayor of Paris refutes.

#HoteldeVille #Paris | End of the evacuation operation by the # FDO.People illegally installed v… https://t.co/np5pofvG1Q

Posted Date: 2020-09-08

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